Well. That didn’t take long at all :I SPACEHAMSTER! Much needed inspiration to help me finish my Sonic 2 start screen and Fierce Deity Link~


Well. That didn’t take long at all :I SPACEHAMSTER! Much needed inspiration to help me finish my Sonic 2 start screen and Fierce Deity Link~

themegakiller98 said: Did you have an allowance while growing up?

Nope, I saved up over years sometimes to buy games or whatever. I would get money for my birthday or christmas sometimes. The only time I would get games or anything like that would be for my birthday and christmas and every once in a great while i’d buy them myself when I had saved up enough money. But I never had an allowance.

Anonymous said: Are you a part of the Polaris network? if so, what are the biggest requirements?

I am, and i’m not sure what the requirements even are anymore. I believe they’re much higher now then they were originally, and I believe when I got on board you had to be above a certain view count every month, and I had achieved that at the time.

Anonymous said: Hey, did you try out the 3DS Smash Bros demo? So far I'm loving it, feels solid and loving the silky 60-frames per second.

Playing it right now actually, I keep doing 1 v 1 Megaman vs Random, got pretty good with him I think.

ihearthufflepuffs said: You mentioned in an ask earlier that you've read Harry Potter. Now we must know what Hogwarts House you are in.

Anonymous said: What new game are you looking forward to the most?

Definitely Dragon Age 3 and the Wii U Smash Brothers.

Anonymous said: How tall are you? Also i love videos you make!

Thanks! I’m 6 Ft tall.

moonspirit25 said: What do you believe is the video that truly made you?

If I had to pick one that I think most people saw and subscribed from it would be the Top 10 Swords video.

zeldafudge504 said: Would you like a deep fried Twinkie wrapped in bacon which is then also deep fried drenched in chocolate, deep fried again put in s bacon bowl deep fried again and served www Ithaca a milkshake?

Anonymous said: Do you like to read? How about a favourite book? I really love your videos, can't wait for the next one! You're awesome : )

Reading is something I definitely I don’t do enough of, maybe it’s because i’m such a visual person that it’s hard for me to sit down and imagine an entire world. 

The last book I read was the first Game of Thrones, which I enjoyed, and every once in a while i’ll reread the Harry Potter books because they’re pretty easy and fun reads.

cheratomo said: Hi Jeff how are you did you see anything particularly beautiful today?

I saw my computer screen for like 9 hours? Is that beautiful? =D

neogamindustri said: There is a particular reason for Wolf to be your main in Brawl?

Yeah.. he’s good nn stuff and I was really good with him.

gaara5343 said: Do you want some old snes games i have. I have a pal snes but i have a few ntsc games that i have never played.

I don’t have a PO box or anything like that, so I’ll have to pass for now, but thanks so much for the thought!

sonicchilidoghog said: I know this is such an overused question, but who is your first character you will be in Smash 4, and who will probably be your main?

Honestly I have no idea yet, I have the demo and i’ve been playing it every day and somewhat maining Megaman against the CPU and easily able to score 2-3 stock on the computer before 2 minutes are up. But that’s against the CPU so we’ll see when the real game comes out and I vs. real people.

I have my eye on Little Mac even though he has terrible recovery, and I wanna try out Dedede and see how he feels in the new game. But of course i’mma try all the new characters.

Anonymous said: On average, how many times a day do you get on the floor and do the dinosaur?

I have fear of responding to this even sarcastically.

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